Miracles of Rotary 2021

On December 17th Rotarians and community leaders will be locked up at Strickland’s on Oleander drive. The jailbirds have to raise money to get the keys to freedom. Money raised will go to Josie Godwin who needs help purchasing a prosthetic leg and will help fund the building of the supply store at Eden Village – a home for homeless folks.


Miracles of Rotary Lock Up. December 17, 2021

Wilmington Central Rotary is holding their annual Miracles of Rotary to help raise $15,000 for the causes listed below.

Josie Godwin

She was rushed into emergency surgery July 7th because of 4 massive blood clots in her left leg. She underwent 6 surgeries to remove those blood clots and the destroyed muscle and tissue that they caused. It then became clear to the Doctors that they would have to amputate a portion of her leg. She spent 33 days in the hospital – the last 8 days were in rehab where she progressed quicker than anyone could have imagined. This lady is extremely healthy and active which led to a speedy “recovery”. It is still a complete mystery to everyone as to what caused these blood clots. We are trying to raise any money we can to help her live an “as close to normal” life as possible. We are simply raising funds for a prosthetic which is estimated to cost a total of over 20k. She is amazingly optimistic and embracing her new ways of living.

Our goal at Rotary is to help with the purchase of the prosthetic leg.

Eden Village

Eden Village of Wilmington will be a 320unit tiny home community specially designed to provide permanent homes for chronically homeless. There will be 32 tiny homes on the property upon completion, which will cost approximately $300 a month with utilities included. The assistance doesn’t stop at housing though, living at the Eden Village will provide the residents with much more. Each resident will have a team of four people that will come alongside them. They will help them figure out the best way to manage their money and to have proper healthcare.

Or goal at Rotary is to raise money to build their Supply Store at the Eden Village Complex.