Miracles of Rotary

On December 16th, 2022 Rotarians and community leaders will be locked up at Strickland’s on Oleander Drive. The jailbirds have to raise money to get the keys to freedom. Money raised will go to Rowan Stark who needs help during Burkitt’s Leukemia treatment at UNC Chapel Hill and will also help fund the building of the supply store at Eden Village – a home for homeless folks.


Miracles of Rotary Lock Up. December 16th, 2022

Wilmington Central Rotary is holding their annual Miracles of Rotary to help raise money for the causes listed below.

Rowan Stark

Rowan Stark – he is a vibrant, happy, imaginative, creative, and funny 5 year old. Rowan has been diagnosed with Burkitt’s Leukemia and has started his battle at UNC Chapel Hill two and a half hours from their home in Wilmington, NC. Between gas, food, lodging and any out of pocket medical expenses, anything will help the Stark family during this difficult time.

Eden Village

Eden Village – Eden Village of Wilmington will be a 32 unit tiny home community specially designed to provide permanent homes for the chronically homeless. There will be 32 tiny homes on the property upon completion, which will cost about $300. a month. The assistance doesn’t stop at housing though, living at Eden Village will provide the residents with much more. Each resident will have a team of four people who will help figure out the best way to manage their money and have proper healthcare.

The Wilmington Central Rotary’s goal is to build the supply store at the Eden Village Complex.